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Florida Focus: A College Football Podcast

Welcome to Florida Focus: A College Football Podcast. We have a lifetime FSU Seminole fan (Brandon) and lifetime Florida Gator fan (Chris), putting aside their differences to bring you the fantastic world of College Football throughout the Sunshine State.

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Nov 7, 2019

Episode #67 - Gators lose a game and FSU loses a coach


Chris and Brandon break down the firing of Willie Taggart and the rest of the state’s teams for the November Bowl Push.


1:11 UF/UGA

15:20 UCF/Houston

18:15 FAU/WKU

19:53 FIU/ODU

21:13 FSU moves on from Taggart and the Head Coach search begins

50:41 Week...

Oct 30, 2019

Chris and Brandon weigh in on FSU’s comfortable Syracuse win, and some big surprises around the state for teams we thought we knew :/


FSU/Syracuse 1:04

Miami/Pitt 15:15

UCF/Temple 22:14

FAU/ODU 25:25

USF/ECU 27:20

FIU/MTSU 29:57

Week 10 Previews

Oct 22, 2019

Episode #64 - A Myriad of Positives and Opportunities for UF and FSU, etc


Where do Chris and Brandon fall after a Gator win and Seminole loss? Where do the rest of the teams in Florida go from here?


0:49 UF/SoCar

16:01 FSU/WF

35:16 Miami/GT

38:47 UCF/ECU

40:20 FAU/Marshall

43:50 Week 9 Preview


Thanks Ingram for...

Oct 16, 2019

While the Gators and Noles fall, the rest of Florida succeeds. This won’t affect their seasons going forward, right?!

1:06 UF/LSU

10:41 FSU/Clemson

18:34 Miami/UVA

23:44 USF/BYU

26:03 FAU/MTSU

29:06 FIU/Charlotte

30:57 Week 8 Previews

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