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Florida Focus: A College Football Podcast

Welcome to Florida Focus: A College Football Podcast. We have a lifetime FSU Seminole fan (Brandon) and lifetime Florida Gator fan (Chris), putting aside their differences to bring you the fantastic world of College Football throughout the Sunshine State.

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Sep 12, 2018

Canada from The College Football Podcast joins Brandon to discuss the Pac12 and Willie Taggert. What is the West Coast perception of the Florida schools, and how does Duck Nation view the Taggert ‘era?’


Time Markers:

How does the West Coast view the SEC and ACC? - 1:26

Is the SEC as good as they think they are? - 3:23

Biggest rivalry west of Texas? - 6:00

Best program in the state of Florida? - 7:50

How does the travel and distances between school factor into PAC12 success? - 11:02

Thoughts on Willie Taggert/Oregon Coaching Tree - 16:15

How is Florida laid out again? - 28:32

Final Taggert thoughts - 32:20

Canada’s Overview of FSU’s Season - 38:20

Canada’s Overview of UF’s Season - 40:49

Canada’s Overview of Miami’s Season - 44:58

Canada’s Overview of UCF’s Season - 46:24

Canada’s Overview of USF’s Season - 47:05