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Florida Focus: A College Football Podcast

Welcome to Florida Focus: A College Football Podcast. We have a lifetime FSU Seminole fan (Brandon) and lifetime Florida Gator fan (Chris), putting aside their differences to bring you the fantastic world of College Football throughout the Sunshine State.

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Oct 9, 2018

Chris and Brandon dissect the HUGE Gator home win against LSU and FSU’s near upset on the road against Miami. How will the rest of the season fair for the rest of the state? It could result in the highest of accolades!


UF/LSU Recap 1:51

Gator Traditions (Ring of Honor/End of 3rd Quarter Songs) 20:14

FSU/Miami Recap 24:57

Oedipus Reference for FSU? 28:28

UCF/SMU Recap 49:06

Is McKenzie Milton an NFL QB? 52:12

FAU/ODU Recaps 55:54

USF/UMass Recap 57:34

Patreon Reminder (

UF/Vandy Preview 62:11

USF/Tulsa Preview 67:22

UCF/Memphis 67:39

Miami/UVA Preview  69:55

FIU/MTSU Preview 72:13

‘Game of Zero’ 73:10

Best team in Florida ? 75:12

How can you reach the podcast? ( 76:19