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Florida Focus: A College Football Podcast

Welcome to Florida Focus: A College Football Podcast. We have a lifetime FSU Seminole fan (Brandon) and lifetime Florida Gator fan (Chris), putting aside their differences to bring you the fantastic world of College Football throughout the Sunshine State.

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Apr 22, 2019

Our fans respond to our question about their favorite recruiting coaches.


We asked the question for weeks, “If I were a 5 Star Recruit, I would like ____ to recruit me as a Head Coach.” and have all the responses from fans.


1:01 Lynn @happynole06d

3:04  Mike, FSU fan

4:49 Jesus @JSports_ent


Apr 17, 2019

Spring has Sprung. It is what it is. <Insert other sayings that fit the Spring Game Idea.> Chris and Brandon give their impressions on how FSU and UF looked at their annual events.


2:05 UF Spring Game Recap

12:33 FSU Spring Game Recap

25:40 Miami Spring Game

27:17 UCF Spring Game

29:17 USF Spring Game

Apr 5, 2019

Chris and Brandon hash out their reflections on the AAF, and (sadly) the recent announcement that the league has ceased operations. There are plenty of college players in Florida that got a another shot at pro football.


0:25 AAF Initial/Overall Impressions

4:41 AAF Positives

8:31 AAF Opportunities

18:41 Florida...