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Florida Focus: A College Football Podcast

Welcome to Florida Focus: A College Football Podcast. We have a lifetime FSU Seminole fan (Brandon) and lifetime Florida Gator fan (Chris), putting aside their differences to bring you the fantastic world of College Football throughout the Sunshine State.

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Feb 25, 2019

Chris and Brandon had the pleasure of speaking with a recruiting coordinator for college athletes. Thanks again Chuck from The Recruiting BluePrint Podcast for sharing with us the process of how students are recruited, and some tips for success.


1:20 Chuck Lovitt/Play Up Athletics introduction

4:55 Significance of Junior Year of High School

11:22 Social Media and how it factors into the recruitment process

17:51 Standing out as a recruit

25:14 Types of visits athletes can make

30:18 ‘Dead Period’ definition

33:10 A Day to Day insight for a recruiting coordinator

34:52 How to contact Play Up Athletics (

38:15 How to contact us (